Video SEO Tips – How To Optimize Your Videos For Best SEO Distribution

Video SEO Tips –

Video SEO is what will allow your potential customers to unearth you and buy your product or service. So, be sure to design your videos with video SEO in mind, as search engines can’t understand video content.

Using thorough and extensive keywording is as important as the video itself. This is how people will find your video.

Video SEOWhat follows are some video SEO tips:

– To carry forth best video SEO practices, give your video a good name. Incorporate keywords that will make it easy to find.

-Make sure content search engines are in the mix as well. Use Meta tags (information inserted into the head of your Web pages) for the content of the page where you put your video.

-If you link to your video from other pages of your website, use anchor text (the visible clickable keywords or phrase as your hyperlink)

-Double check you gave your videos the proper extension.

-For the most effective video SEO, create separate video site maps, which can be submitted to video and content search engines. Both kinds of SEs will index these site maps.

-Include RSS feeds, which will allow you to insert metadata (text, voice or image that describes what the viewer will see or hear). This will better optimize your video SEO so that your video will show up on Google.

-Optimize with keywords. Just like any type of text-based content, video SEO involves optimizing with target relevant keywords – both for search engines and for user experience. Use keywords in: File name, tags, header, URL, link text and body text

Distribute videos for best video SEO on video-sharing sites. In addition to posting videos on your own site, video-sharing sites are effective tools for gaining visibility and additional links. Remember these few points to maximize results:

Don’t forget that videos hosted on YouTube and other video-sharing sites should be optimized for keywords

YouTube channel pages – and those of other video- sharing sites should be optimized, as well

Use a video SEO distribution service like TubeMogul to deploy your videos to the top sharing sites.

Implement a linking strategy. Video is judged by the same linking standards as all other forms of digital content. So building both internal and external links is crucial for video SEO.

Encourage viewers to share your videos.

The following are a list of video sharing sites that you can submit to apart from the standard ‘YouTube’:


(submission guidelines can be found at







8. (a revenue-sharing site)
















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  • Hey Peter,

    Another set of awesome tips from you! Thanks. I’ve been using video marketing for a while now, and all the information that I can get are very much welcome, it helps me improve my methods. One of the most useful things I’ve learned about web videos is how to autoplay it when you load the page. It almost forces the visitor to view the information which beneficial for us. It’s a nice trick to have. :)

  • viry nicely explain that How To Optimize the Videos thanks for sharing ……

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