Mike Dillard MLM GURU – Live Interview

I wanted to get out this GREAT interview today with Mike Dillard at one of his live events. Marketer Vince Czaplyski asks Mike some great questions on “how to approach the industry”, “what to keep in mind” and “how to succeed”.

I think you’ll be impressed and encouraged at the twist that Mike puts on ‘struggling’. Enjoy!

Mike Dillard MLM Tips –

I want to summarize some of the top Mike Dillard MLM tips that were laid out in this video.

Here’s one that really resonated with me:

Mike Dillard MLM Tip #1 – The world will always be testing you!

Mike Dillard MLMWho’s had frustrations and struggles in their businesses? EVERYONE. Did you hear what Mike Dillard said in this interview? He actually struggled for 5 years before he really got it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mike Dillard yet, Mike revolutionized the concept of “attraction marketing”, having people HUNT YOU down instead of chasing around people who don’t want to join.

Long story short, Mike Dillard went on to create a $10,000,000 annual business! What if Mike had quit 6 months in? What if he quit year 2 in? Even year 3?

The world will always test your strength and courage so remember; it is a test and you WILL come out even stronger in the end.

Our goal is to get you on the fast track.

If you are struggling in your business, feel free to take my free 5 Day Attraction Marketing course. After completion, give us a call. Myself and my team of marketers are dedicated to getting YOU on a daily fast track to wealth and success.

Mike Dillard MLM Tip #2 – Marketing and Promotion

No matter what your upline tells you, you will never be able to build the type of business you want ONLY approaching your friends and family. Notice the word ONLY. Like Mike Dillard said, if Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump were in the field, they would be doing massive marketing and advertising in their businesses but of course they would invite their friends and family to join too!

The key is to have many “bags of tricks” and to be able to have more than one way to promote your business.

Mike Dillard MLM Tip #3 – Guide Your Prospects Through A Process

Leverage your time and guide your prospects through a process so that you can focus more of your time on marketing and recruiting.

For example, use Mike Dillard’s strategy of attracting people to you by providing value and insight, take them through the information you have about yourself and your company and set up some series of videos to help them make the next step.

See how a simple sales funnel like this can dramatically leverage your time and help you get more prospects to your business than ever before.

Guiding your prospects through a funnel like this will ensure that you are only spending time with the right qualified people in the end.

You are now building a business rather than a downline.

Mike Dillard MLM Tip # 4 – Mindset

Mindset is so important guys. Do you know why so many people fail in this industry? It is because they just quit! Quitters can never be winners. We know that!

Never quit your business when you are in a ‘”low”. Know that there will be ups and downs in your business and seek out the support and help you need if you are getting discouraged.


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Mike Dillard MLM

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