Dani Johnson – America’s Secret Millionaire

Dani Johnson. Wow! What an incredible story, pregnant at 17, homeless at 21, and a millionaire by age 23. Dani Johnson is truly an inspiration for us all.

If you are reading this post maybe you have been researching Dani, trying to figure out if she’s the ‘real deal’ or maybe you haven’t heard of her before. Either way I have one thing to say…you need to connect yourself with Dani Johnson

Dani JohnsonWhat impresses me about Dani Johnson is that she is a completely self-made millionaire, she didn’t get handed money, she didn’t get ‘lucky’, she didn’t win some kind of ‘loto’ deal and was rich forever. In fact she was completely homeless and was able to build a $10,000 per month income out of scratch and then become a millionaire 2 years later.

Dani Johnson did make some mistakes though. Even though she did build her first business to a million dollars, she lost that company over night due to a bad deal but was then able to build another multi-million dollar company from scratch.

What Dani Johnson teaches us is that millions are not ‘given to us’, they are not ‘handed over to us,’ millions are literally created.

Dani Johnson, picked herself up, started learning the skills needed to make money and she literally created, crafted money.

It takes a specific skill set to make millions of dollars; money management, time management, investing wisely, having very good people skills, knowing how to distinguish between time wasting activities and income producing activities.

If you thought that just signing up with a network marketing company and recruiting 10 people was going to make you millions, you are wrong. The vehicle for producing income is only a very small part of the whole equation.

Stick a trained millionaire like Dani Johnson, in any company, Amway, Monavie, Herbalife, you name it and Dani will rise to the top and make millions in the company.


Because she knows the law of influence.

Did you know that network marketing becomes a million times easier when you can start building a presence and a following?

My question to you is, if Dani Johnson was able to do it with $3 and living out of her car, why can’t you?

Well, you can! You just need to start learning the skills. Again, the skills of scheduling your time, knowing what activities directly produce income and which are simply a waste of time, plus many more.

Dani Johnson knew that EVERYTHING got easier once you had a following and a group of people that are attracted to you.

She followed a simple formula of learn -> do -> teach.

How do you think she went from $3 and homeless to $1,000,000 in two years?

She prospered were she was planted, worked with what she had and then scaled her business up and started leading like an authority figure.

Dani started teaching others the skills she had just picked up and in return, people started to follow her.

She learned, she applied, she got results and then she passed that knowledge on to 100,000’s of thousands of people.

Well, why can’t you do the same?

You can!

And that’s why I’m writing this post because most people think that they have to just be followers and buy all of these people’s things, follow the leader, be a rep in a company but look around…

The people who rose to the top are the people that said, “Wait a second! I’M the leader! I am the one that can train people! I can make a blog! I can hold my own conference! I can charge $25 for my book! I can sell audio CDS! I can coach people for $135 an hour.

My friends if Dani Johnson can do it, you can do it.

Learn the skills you need, the leadership skills, the speaking skills. Learn from Dani Johnson. Soak up everything she has to say, examine closely what she does, how she speaks, what she teaches about.

And then…

Learn, DO, and teach.

Teach the skills that Dani is passing on to you. Make yourself a leader in the marketplace. Make yourself a leader in your company, make yourself the person who people are begging to learn from.

(Do you think that Dani Johnson ‘invented’ all of her knowledge?)

No, she learned from the greats, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracey, and then she PASSED on that knowledge to her own data base, her own followers. She then started selling that knowledge, developing it and making it her own.

She added her own things to it, her own style, her own story, her own principles, but she got to were she is by learning, doing and then teaching.

My friends, it’s time to step it up. If you are ready to be a millionaire you have to start leading like a millionaire.

You will make thousands working from home on your phone, your computer but to truly step it up and take your business to the next level, you have to DECIDE today that you are going to be an authority figure in your market.

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To the Top!

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Dani Johnson

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Dani Johnson

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