What Is Inside The Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System?

I wanted to do a review today about the Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System. The “Rich 16 Year Old System” is a hot new item that has been circulating around the internet for a year or so and I too, was sucked into buying it 6 months ago out of curiosity.

I will let you know honestly as an owner of the Ebook, that although the system is VERY VERY  exaggerated, the Ebook does offer a solid basic introduction to the principles of “affiliate marketing”. If you are completely new to the internet, it will help educate you but it is not a working system that will actually generate you the money it promises. Myself already becoming an expert in this field, found the Ebook pretty useless.

Will you earn millions of dollars using the techniques laid out in the Ebook? Absolutely not.

The Rich 16 Year Old System boast extreme riches, millions of dollars and has an extremely catchy sales page, leveraging the success of the “16 year old girl”, Carol Nguyen. Most people buy the system thinking, “If she can do it…then…so can I!” That is exactly the trap that the seller intended.

Now, is the course really written by a 16 year old girl? Of course not. When you actually buy the Ebook, you can tell that it was written by a seasoned internet marketer. At the end of the book, he even includes some of his other Ebooks and references as a bonus.

So What Exactly Is The Rich 16 Year Old System?

The Rich 16 Year Old System is an ebook, that is centered around the idea of Selling Clickbank Affiliate Products Using The Technqiue of Google Pay-Per-Click (Adwords).

And that is it! That is the entire course.

The “Millionaire System” is a very clever method of using google pay-per-click to generate profit but the ONLY PROBLEM WITH THE SYSTEM IS…The method that he lays out in the course DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. Why? Because you cannot get google pay-per-clicks for 14 cents anymore…

About 5-10 years ago, online marketers were able to make millions of dollars using google Adwords because the cost/click was extremely low and they were able to generate extreme profits when they sold a $30 item because they would have only paid about $10 in clicks for that one sale.

I personally know an internet marketer, Barry Monies, who earned $300,000/month using google Adwords 10 years ago when the cost/click for certain keywords were truly that low.

The big “secret” laid out in this millionaire system is…

-Do your research, find a very large collection of low-competition keywords that have a low cost/click…and use them to make a 100% profit.

THE PROBLEM IS NOW…google Adwords is so competitive and the clicks are SO EXPENSIVE for any keywords, that you cannot get your ads to actually show on google unless you are paying $2.50/click or so!

This…Is probably one of the reasons why this guy made the Ebook. Did he make millions off of the system he describes in the book? In reality, yes he probably did BACK IN THE DAY…but then when he realized that his system/technique was out-dated, he decided to put all of his “old secrets” into this ebook and make extreme profit off of selling THAT instead.

Don’t be tricked. The best way to generate extreme traffic/income these days is to take advantage of SEO and natural traffic from Google. A front page website on google is like a front cover of a magazine and will bring you more FREE TRAFFIC than you could even imagine.

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Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System

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  • It was a clever move by him, but taking advantage of people doesn’t always end well. It’s crazy to think how much the PPC costs have increase over the past few years, simply because it has been such a popular method and they are adjusting it to how much the people need it. And I rarely use this method anymore because you’d have to have the money to burn for it to be more effective.

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