Overcoming The Hidden Trap Of Negativity In Your Life

Negativity is one of those hidden evils that kind of “hides” underneath the surface.

Sometimes you don’t really know it’s there until it’s exposed.

For example, I consider myself a very positive person in general; I expect myself to succeed tremendously, I know that longevity conquers failure and I all around operate in an entire different hemisphere.

Or do I?

It’s a funny thing.

The other day I had one of “those days”.

You know exactly what I’m talking about… one of those days where you sit down for 6 hours or so and realize that you barely got anything done.

You get distracted, you have a list of 7 things and feel like your “on the run” trying to cram all these things and at the end of the day, things barely get accomplished.

After I had one of “those days”, I honestly felt pretty negative.

At the end of the day I was pissed off.

“Where did the time go!” “What did I actually do today?” “Did I get any type of income producing activities done or did I just kind of do “techy” stuff all day?”

All I could think of was the bad day.

I’m sure a lot of you have experienced this before.

Now, usually when you have a bad day, the next one is usually a little better but what really started to bother me, was the next day I was STILL thinking about the bad day! The negative stuff.

It was like I just couldn’t get my mind off the negative stuff.

I’m sure a lot of you know this exact pattern.

I started really thinking…

Wow, “This is pretty interesting” and what I started to realize was that I actually had this “hidden negativity” that was in my life that I really wasn’t able to see at all until this revelation came about.

I started to think and then I realized…

Wow, “Not only have I been negative about the other day, but I have been negative about this… and this… and this…”

Holy smokes.

I Started To Look At The Effects of It.

Ok. So negativity is negativity but why try to actually become more positive?

When this negativity was exposed I started to actually look at my behavior and I realized some very interesting things.

“Instead of moving forward and getting the things done (in a successful way) that I needed to get done for the day, I was actually still thinking about the negativity of the day before and the past.”

It was affecting my behavior, my production, my mind, my success, my creativity, my results and literally everything!

This small little thing.

So Then I Thought To Myself…

I wonder what would happen if I could actually get rid of this!

Look at what I’ve been able to earn… look what I’ve been able to do… look what I’ve been able to accomplish WITH this hidden negativity in my life.

If I can actually remove this ALL completely, I would be a complete monster!

So I Tried A Simple Exercise:

  1. Think of a very negative day, a very negative experience.
  2. Let your mind actually be negative for a second, think of how much it sucked, how bad it was, how it made you feel, what the bad things were in that day and just NOTICE how that makes you feel.

How does that effect your living? How does that effect your passions? How does that effect your creativity? How does that effect your drive to succeed.

It almost makes you depressed instantly haha.

Just do the exercise so that you can actually notice how destructive these thoughts actually are.

(You will not be motivated to change negativity unless you actually realize how destructive it is to your life.)

  1. Now, think of the exact same day, but this time think of everything as extremely positives.

For example, even TURN all of the negatives into positive.

Just as a random example, let’s say that you presented your business to a family member and they totally rejected it, they even disapproved and made you feel terrible and doubtful.

Think about the same day now with a “positive mental expectancy”.

“Wow! I got totally rejected by _____ but that was great because I now realize what NOT to say. Wow, what a great learning experience, man, next call is going to be so much better.”

  1. Go through that same terribly negative experience that you listed in step 1 and start to find ALL of the positive things that came out of it.

All the positive things that happened.

A positive outlook is the word I was looking for here… A positive outlook.

Take all of the negative days of the past, the recent “defeats” (notice how I put “defeats” in quotes because it is only a defeat if you ALLOW your mind to perceive it and remember it as a defeat.) Take all of your past let downs, defeats, “negative experiences” and begin to re-contemplate the day.

What happened that day?

What happened in that scenario?

Begin to look at all of these things in a positive outlook.

Remember, the brain is “plastic”. It can literally re-grow and reform overnight.

The same brain that you had yesterday is literally, physically not the same brain that you have today.

What you will begin to do is actually reform the memories. The events will not be negative anymore but they will be the most positive events of your life.

You will look back at these once negative events, and say YES!!! “That day was Freckin’ Awesome!”

We’re talking about total breakthrough.

You will then have nothing holding you back, conscious or subconscious and you can excel and perform beyond your wildest dreams like you were designed to do.

Remember, to actually do the exercise.

Just reading this post and saying “cool”, with do absolutely nothing to change your life.

If you are ready to conquer evil in your life, this Zig Ziglar clip will give you some additional strategies too.


Yours in Freedom!

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