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Do you need a good front-end sales system? This training has helped me bring in over 2,367 reps nationwide.

The most important thing you need to build online traffic and get more sales in whatever business you are doing, is traffic sources.

Once you understand the concept of “traffic sources”, you will begin to see that the traffic game is not so difficult after all.

So before I just into any specifics about building online traffic, you must first know this:

Online Traffic Comes From Websites That Already Have Traffic.

For example,







In a sense, we are always “stealing traffic”. There is no such thing as really “creating traffic out of thin air”. Online traffic comes from a variety of sources, free and paid that already have the type of consumer that you are looking for.

For example, if you are using Search Engine Optimization to build your online traffic, you need to ask yourself, “what are my consumers searching for on Google?”

“What are my target buyers actually looking for?”

If You Are Able To Understand How Your Online Traffic “Behaves”, You Will Be Able To Increase Sales Dramatically.

For example,

I do a lot of Facebook advertising.

Now on Facebook, this kind of traffic “behaves”, a lot differently than Google online traffic.

Facebook consumers are not really in the “consumption mode”. They are browsing around, checking out each others pictures and sharing laughs, so when you are marketing on a traffic source such as Facebook, it is important to understand the buyer.

Understand the market.

What type of ad is a Facebook buyer most likely to click?

They are probably most likely to click on an ad that has more of a “pop media” kind of look/feel.

Something, awkward, some alarming, something that relates to them.

A lot of times I start my facebook ads with “Don’t Take My Word For It”.

It kind of just catches them off guard and focuses their attention on the add.

Another thing you can do with this type of traffic is include pictures and things that relate very closely to them.

For example, if you are targeting internet marketing fan, you could use a title like , “The internet swallowed me”

Or just something rediculous that catches their attention.

Online Traffic Sources That Work

Here are some online traffic sources that work well:

YouTube – Free

Google – Free

Google Ads (on the right and top) – Paid

Facebook – Paid

Yahoo PPC – Paid

Bing PPC – Paid

Banner Ads – Paid

Email List Swaps – Paid

Newsletter Solo Ads – Paid

Emailing Marketing – Paid

Buying and Contacting Lists – Paid.

There are many online traffic sources but whenever you choose an online traffic source, ask yourself the question, “How does this traffic source behave?”

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Online Traffic

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Online Traffic

Do you need a good front-end sales system? This training has helped me bring in over 2,367 reps nationwide.

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