Network Marketing Recruiting-How To Set An Appointment 100% Of The Time

network marketing recruiting
This is a training that I did for my personal NAP team that breaks down an effective approach to simplifying the network marketing recruiting cycle and also includes a script to recruit 9x’s more people into your business utilizing your warm market. Although I am a huge advocate for online recruiting and setting up systems to do so, your warm market is so easy to work with if you approach them in the right way.

Principal #1: Network Marketing Recruiting is simple.

The main advantage of your warm market is that it makes network marketing recruiting so much easier because you can sponsor people immediately. An online system can help you generate 100’s of leads a day and eventually recruit literally 1000’s of people for you in your business. But let’s be honest, it is going to take about 6-8 months to get to that level of success on the internet. Your warm market lets you dive in and start earning money right away from day 1.

All you need to have is the right coaching and a step-by-step method. Many “gurus” these days will say things like “the warm market is dead” or you will hear the opposite…”only use the web” but why not use all of your available resources to create a massive MLM empire?

This approach has been proven virtually 100% effective in getting people from your warm market list to agree to take a look at your business. Let’s face it, the main reason why most people have not recruited a lot of people right off the bat is because they have either:

1.) Not approached their warm market (yet) or…

2.) They approached their warm market impulsively in the wrong way.

Don’t worry, even if you felt like you intruded into your warm market in the wrong way, there is a way to revive that.  Network marketing recruiting is like riding a bicycle, once you have the experience with this type of network marketing recruiting (warm market specifically) you will be able to build a strong foundation which you can add onto using the internet.

First, understand that your only goal in making a phone call to someone on your warm market list is to set an appointment for them to see the opportunity. Your goal is not to ask them to join your business, not to sell them anything, not to explain all of the details of how it works, or any other purpose. Your only goal is to get them to look at your business. The system will take care of the rest.

1. (Intro) Hi __________ do you have a minute to talk? Great! I am calling because I need a huge favor and it WON’T cost you any money. Do you think you can help me out? I wanted you to know I started my own business. Have you heard already? (This gets them involved in the conversation).

2. (Reason why) Let me tell you why I started it; ______________________ (your personal reason why – examples are: want the freedom of working from home, put my kids through college, prepare for my retirement, retire early, etc.)

3. (The favor) Here is the reason I am calling. (Pause) I am asking for a personal favor. (Pause) It would really mean a lot to me if you would take a look at how my new business works and give me your honest opinion without any obligation.

4. (Reasons) Here is why I am asking you for the favor:

(1) First, I believe in my heart that everyone deserves extra income on the side of what they do. I also think we can make some money together by introducing it here in our local market. If it were possible for us to make some decent money, would that be okay with you?

(2) If you aren’t interested in working with me, its okay, but I am most likely going to continue with the business unless you see something truly wrong with it. I am going to ask you to support me from time to time by referring people to me. To do that effectively you need to know what I am doing and more importantly, I wouldn’t ask you to endorse something that you weren’t comfortable with, does that make sense?(3) The third reason and maybe most important if you decide you are NOT interested, and don’t even want to refer anyone. I won’t be upset with you and I promise not to bring it up again. However, I know that I won’t be the only person who contacts you about this, and I don’t want to end up seeing you join as someone else’s partner because I failed to show it to you. No matter if you like the concept or not, I am just asking that you say “YES” or “NO” to me and not someone else.

Again, ask for the favor! (network marketing recruiting secret #2)

5. (Favor again). So again as a personal favor to me, would you sit down, evaluate the business opportunity and give me some feedback?

6. (Time?) Great! In the next 24 hours, what works better for you, early morning, afternoon, early evening, or late at night? I need you to be in front of your computer. The presentation will take less than 15 min, but I also want you to plan on setting aside 5-10 minutes right afterwards so that you can give me your thoughts…I want to stress that I really want to hear your personal evaluation. Your honest feedback is important to me.

7. (Confirmation after a time is established) OK great. I am going to write this down in my calendar so that I do not forget, do you use a day planner or calendar? Great, just so that we do not get our wires crossed, would you please do the same and write down the date and time. I ask that only because I really am serious about the opportunity and if you cannot make it for some reason I want you to call me and reschedule. I only have a limited amount of time to make these appointments and I can’t afford to waste one because of a scheduling error.

Here is the last step to the “full cycle”, successful, network marketing recruiting process:

Prepare your prospect to speak with your partner/expert in the event that they have questions.

8. (Edify the speaker) – I would like you to hear from (Name of Expert) who is very successful with the company. He is responsible for the expansion of the company here in (______) and is helping to develop other markets across the country. He has the ability to share the company’s background and success with you to better help you understand where they are today and the industries they are focused within. Not only can he give you the history of the company, but he will also share with you the vision of where the company will be over the next 6-12 months. If you like what you hear, he has the ability to show you the income potential and how you could fit into their growth here in (_______).

9. If they ask any question about the business you reply with… That is a great question, why do you ask? I will provide you with 100% of the information; in fact that is why I want you to take a look. I just want to make sure that you are getting correct information, not partial information that would prevent you from giving me an educated evaluation. The company markets a program that guarantees to lower the monthly expenses for everyone. Again, please remember, as a personal favor to me, all I am asking is that you would sit down, take an honest look and give me some feedback. I really need your help and I would like your evaluation to be from accurate information.

There it is guys! Network Marketing Recruiting is not hard, although it can be if you don’t have the right teachers. Read this approach over and over again, really absorb the material and begin to implement these techniques into your daily routine. The number one secret to warm market network marketing recruiting is to ask for the favor. Give it a try and let me know your results below!

To download and print out the pdf version you can visit my drop box: Click Here To Download PDF (Warm Market Approach)

network marketing recruiting

To the TOP,

Peter Day

P.S. This formula won’t do you any good if you do nothing with it.  One of the core distinctions I make in this training is, and top network marketing recruiting is that top leaders make things happen,they don’t make excuses for resources that they don’t have – they find a way to come up with the resources – learn, do, and THEN teach – get started applying these no matter your list size, experience – or how much of a ‘guru’ you are.

P.S.S. Leave me your comments below!

Network Marketing Recruiting

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