Nerium International Review - How To Make Money With Nerium International

Nerium International Review –

If you are reading this blog post, chances are you have been on Google, YouTube or any of the other search engines looking for a good solid review of the company, Nerium International.

In this Nerium International review, I am going to cover a little bit about the company’s history, its products, its compensation plan and I will also close this Nerium International review with some additional tips and strategies to grow your Nerium International business.

What Is The Background of Nerium International?

Nerium International is an established company based out of Addison, Texas.

Nerium International markets a skincare line consisting of some of the highest skincare products on the market.

The Nerium products themselves consist of a variety of night creams that are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, skin aging and also sun damage.

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In terms of enrollment options, Nerium International has a few options:

For starters, the Brand Partner Launch Kit allows interested individuals to become a Nerium International representative and earn commissions in the company.

This kit allows the representative to sponsor others, earn commissions and also partake in buying products at the company’s wholesale rates.

(This kit is $99.95)

There are also 2 higher level programs in the Nerium International business. The first is a $499.95 package and the second is a $999.95 package. Both packages offer more options and products available for the individual rep.

In order to participate in the Nerium International compensation plan, representatives much stay eligible buy maintaining a certain amount of retail sales on personal auto-ship.

Nerium International also has the opportunity to win cars, vacations and additional bonuses.

How To Make Money With The Nerium International Business

In this blog post, I want to share with you 3 tips that you can use to make more money in your Nerium International business.

A few of these tips you can apply to your business immediately and some of the other Nerium International tips will be long term.

Nerium International Business Tip #1 – Get A Lead Generation System

Let’s face it, the most important part of your business is generating leads. If you do not have a constant new flow of prospects ready to take a look at your Nerium International business, success man be very slim.

What I recommend doing is owning a lead generating system and a Nerium International marketing system that can help you generate at least 60+ leads for your Nerium International business daily.

Nerium International Business Tip #2 – Listen To At least 1 Audio Daily

Personal development is going to be a major factor in you and your success in your Nerium business. What I recommend doing is finding 1 audio OR video each day that covers things like: lead generation, personal time management, recruitment, marketing, lead strategies and income boosting strategies.

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Nerium International Business Tip #3 – Set Your Hours

It is very easy in a home based business to get distracted, especially when you only have a few hours to work each day. What I suggest doing, is setting your hours. 2-3 hour of very productive work (lead generation, training, sponsoring and selling) will help you grow your business extremely fast.

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Tip of The Day: Focus on production – it is the only thing that matters in the long run, and it will also help you get into that Inner Circle of leaders that will boost your income to much higher levels.

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  • VS

    Hi Peter,

    great write-up. I’m so on the fence about this, I have a full-time job so I wouldn’t be able to committ 100% to it if I decided to pursue this. What would you say the chances of success is of you treat this as a part-time job? Is it even worth getting in to? Do you think it would be important to establish a strong network before you get started?

    Would appreciate some feedback and helpful tips. Thanks!

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