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Mack Zidan

In this article I am going to tell you about a leader in the internet marketing industry named Mack Zidan. Mack is best known as a high school drop out who has been able to generate enormous amounts of wealth online.

The leader known as Mack Zidan has been able to create tremendous amounts of following and attraction in the time he has spent internet marketing. In the time he has spent selling products online, he has created tons of buzz and interest.

Mack Zidan promotes links online and sells products to gain commissions. He has many affiliate marketing programs that he promotes, but he is best known for promoting the Empower Network.

In the Empower Network’s last affiliate contest, Mack Zidan was able to generate $182,382 in income. Needless to say, he came in first place in the affiliate contest. He walked on stage in front of thousands of people and received a brief case that contained $20,000 in cash. This was the second contest in a row that he had won through the Empower Network.

Mack Zidan

Mack Zidan is pictured center

Mack Zidan does not plan on going for first place again in the current affiliate contest. Apparently, other affiliates in the Empower Network were curious why he was able to earn so much. Many other affiliates opted into his email list and started to duplicate messages that Mack was sending out to his leads.

Mack says that if the other affiliates are going to copy his marketing strategies play by play, there is no point for him to go for first place again. He is fine with standing on the sidelines and letting some other affiliates win.

Mack Zidan and the Empower Network

You are probably curious about the system that Mack Zidan uses to earn all that income online. Empower Network was founded in October of 2011 by internet marketing extraordinaire David Wood.

The primary product of EN is a blogging system. There are several value based training products that are available on the back end as well.

The reason why so many affiliates are able to earn large amounts of money with the Empower Network is because they offer 100% commissions for all the products sold. Mack Zidan and 60,000 other affiliates have been able to monetize off of this. This means that if you sell the blogging system to someone for $25, you actually get to keep all of that money, minus the processing fees of course. Mack Zidan

One reason why Mack Zidan promotes the Empower Network is the value of the products that they offer. They offer a product in the back office called the Inner Circle. This product contains a vast library of audios by top earners in the internet marketing industry. They divulges into marketing strategies that they have used to earn money online.

The next product offered is the Costa Rica Intensive Mastermind. This product is about 10 videos taught primarily by David Wood. This product is extremely valuable to anyone who is just starting out in the internet marketing industry and does not know how to monetize off of leads and make money online. A vast majority of the income that Mack Zidan has made online has been from selling this product. Every time Mack Zidan sold a Costa Rica Intensive Mastermind course, he earned a $500 commission.

However, the real meat and potatoes of the value that Mack Zidan and the Empower Network have to offer are the 15k/month Formula and the Costa Rica Masters Retreat. You will get $1,000 and $3,500 every time you sell one of these products. Mack has an enormous amount of talent for creating a following and up selling these products to his list and previous buyers.

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Mack Zidan

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