Momentis Review – Company Profile And Overview

Momentis Review –

If you are reading this post you have probably been researching the company Momentis. I wanted to get this third-party review out as an overview of the company, it’s products and it’s compensation.

So What Is The Background of Momentis?

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Momentis is the marketing arm of the deregulated energy provider, Just Energy. Momentis’s business model is unique because they provide income opportunities while also saving people money on their electric or gas utility bills.

Momentis is currently doing business in California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts and two territories in Canada; Alberta and Ontario. Momentis does expect to add more territories and states in the future as the rest of the country begins to deregulate for electricity and natural gas.

In addition to electricity, Momentis offers TV and internet service, offering additional opportunity for the folks residing outside of one of the electricity or has gas states mentioned above.

Overall, Momentis looks like a solid company that markets services that people already use. For the right person, it may be a good fit

How Do You Get Paid In Momentis?

In terms of compensation, there are 5 main ways to earn income. The compensation plan provides upfront income, override income and also monthly residual income. Having those 3 income methods in place is important. Just like with any other network marketing company the big money is produced with building a strong downline and a team of trained leaders.

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Should You Join Momentis?

Overall it looks like a good business opportunity. Momentis has a solid management team, strong leadership, a good compensation plan and a product that everyone uses. Contrary to what you might think, success however will depend on more than just the company.

Your success will lie heavily on your ability to sponsor new distributors and customers and teaching those people how to do the same.

My advice is to use Attraction Marketing to generate leads online. If you can use online Attraction Marketing, everything else will become easier. You may even get a few reps to join your team on auto-pilot!

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Momentis Business?

Success in your business requires a working knowledge of personal branding and leadership. Being able to generate brand new people to talk to each day is also very important to keep your business thriving.

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