How To Find The Best MLM Prospects

Are you looking for good MLM prospects in your business?

I can definitely relate…

14 months ago I was desperate to find a good MLM prospecting system. I had tried things like Craigslist, email lists and different techniques but these MLM prospects were not good at all.

In fact, they weren’t even “mlm prospects”, they were just kind of average joes looking for a job that had been layed off over and over again.

That’s when I finally said, you know what, I need to figure out how to recruit network marketers!

My life has never been the same.

After I discovered these secrets, I recruited 124 people into my primary business (many of them, almost 90% were network marketers).

No more “dead beat” job leads, or people that are newbies to the industry.

Check out this video to learn the 7 secrets that made it happen:

Where Do You Find MLM Prospects?

I find most of my MLM prospects on Google.


Well because when someone is searching something on Google, they are actually looking for something! So when it comes time to sponsor your mlm prospects, it becomes 100 times easier when your mlm prospects are actually looking for something.

Why Did I Stop Looking For MLM Prospects On Craigslist?

Quality. Even though I was able to recruited a handful of people off of Craigslist, it eneded up not being worth my time. These people had no experience in the industry and I felt like I was starting “before” scratch with each one of them.

Top earners recruit:

#1 People who are already in network marketing

#2 People who are actively looking to get into network marketing

What Is The Best MLM Prospect?

The best MLM prospect is the mlm prospect that finds YOU. I always tell my team; it is far better to generate 1 lead that comes to you then have 100 leads that you bought or have to hunt down.

MLM prospects that come to you trust you, they respect you and they are very likely to join you when you offer up your opportunity.

Stay connected and we’ll talk soon!

MLM Prospects

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MLM Prospects

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