3 Tips To Succeed In A MLM Marketing System

So, you’ve joined a brand new mlm company, a mlm marketing system or an opportunity.

You’ve just gotten in, rolled up your sleeves, connected with your sponsor… and now what?

In this post, I am going to cover 3 tips necessary to succeed in any mlm marketing system.

Succeeding In A MLM Marketing System Takes More Than Just Skills

If you ask anyone who is succeeding in a mlm marketing system, they are going to tell you the same thing that “succeeding in a mlm marketing system takes more than just skills”, it takes a specific heart and a specific mindset.

If you want any chance of succeeding, you have to be here for 3-5 years.

That ALONE takes a very specific mindset.

Do you have what it takes to stick it out 3-5 years in your mlm marketing system?

It’s a good question, and you’ll definitely want to confront yourself on it.

Don’t shy away from the hard questions…

Ask yourself for real:

“Am I really going to be here 3-5 years down the road?”

Even if I don’t make a profit month 1?

Even if I don’t make a profit month 2?

Even if things get ‘hard’.

I want to tell you a little ‘mlm secret’, (When I first started mlm, I didn’t make any profit until about month 6. I’m sure glad that I stuck it out and learned the skills I needed to learn though).

Now when people join my mlm team, I am able to use my 2 years of skills to help them get started right away and even do a lot of the advertising for them through co-ops and different methods.

It would have been a shame if I “wimped” out after 5 months just because I didn’t see the ‘money’ coming in right away.

MLM Marketing System Success Tip #2 – Getting Your Heart Right

The most important thing you need to address before you start marketing ANY mlm opportunity is, “Where is your heart?”

What do you actually want??

What are you working for??

What do you need?

WHY are you working?!

Unfortunately, it took me way too long to figure this out.

I wish this was something that someone told me day 1 when I got started in MLM.

You need to really meditate on it and ask yourself, “What am I working for?”

… And it is going to be a lot more powerful if you are working for something other than yourself.

Here’s the problem…

If you are ONLY working for yourself, you are not going to have a long-term business.

Let’s say you wanted a new house, more free time, less stress, more clothes… whatever it is.

What happens when you actually get one of these things (or all of these things)?

Well… you are probably going to just stop working lol.

I can tell you from experience that you need to be working for something OTHER than yourself from day one.

I ran into a funny dilemma a few months ago…

When I first came into the mlm industry, I came in for all of the standard reasons:

– Financial freedom, new car, no stress, free time, freedom, no boss etc.

But a few months ago, I realized that I had actually ACHIEVED all of these things.

Although, I was very happy, I felt kind of weird at the same time…

Almost like a “Now What?!?”

Since these ‘little’ goals were met, I literally had no more motivation to work because these are what I had set my heart on when I entered the business.

I realized that this simply DID NOT work.

To succeed in a mlm marketing system, you need to be working FOR something other than yourself.

Weeks went by and I said, “Man! I don’t really even have anything to do anymore…”

Then it hit me:

“Find something your passionate about and work towards THAT”.

What are YOU passionate about?

For me, it happened to be a charity I really enjoyed supporting in the past. However in the past, I was very limited in what I could actually offer.

As I begun to explore the idea, I realized… “Holy smokes, what I do (and earn today) can literally directly save thousands of children’s life’s overseas”.

They are literally one click away on the computer and either the funds can go to them… or they cannot.

A new excitement began to brew up as I realized how DIRECT my impact actually was to this organization.

I gave it a try, I earned a commission that day, went over to the site and shipped over some food to Somolia.


Every time I work my business now, I know that I have the ability and opportunity to directly and significantly make this impact… and that if I don’t work, I am literally just leaving them there, hurting and starving.

MLM Marketing System Tip #3 – Discover Your Why

What is your personal why?

What is going to drive your mlm marketing system?

Your real why?

Do you really want a bigger house??

Do you really want a car that’s just a little bit faster??

Do you really need a dinner out every night??

What is something that’s bigger than YOU?

Is it to support your family?

Is it to support your kids?

Is it to support your nation?

Is it to help the poor?

Is it to raise confidence in people?

Is it to be a blessing to people?

Is it to be a better husband?

A better wife?

A better person?

Is it to have more friends?

Build stronger relationships?

Is it to support an organization?

Support a church?

A school?

A shelter?

What is something other than YOU that really just touches your heart?

Find out this WHY and you will never quit your business until the job gets done.

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