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I came to the reality the other day that the internet is truly the best thing. Why? Because the internet gives you an education platform that has never been seen before in history.

MLM LeadersWhat is the very best way to learn something?

For ages the very best way to master something has been mentorship. Physically spending time with your mentor, learning the craft, becoming like them.

Musicians have done this for years. The master musicians flock together, the students seek out the very best ‘master’ to learn from and the students then become the next master.

You may have heard the phrase, “You become the top 5 people you hang around”.

It is absolutely true.

If you were born into unfortunate circumstances, if you are in the wrong circles, if your friends are not the best of inspirations, you now have a world of success and information that you can lock into thanks to the internet.

I truly believe more and more success will be created than ever before because knowledge is wealth, implemented knowledge is power and the internet gives everyone access to this knowledge. The knowledge needed to master their craft.

The internet allows you to get into the lives of successful people, to learn from them, to follow them, to be with them, even if you are not physically present.

If you are in the MLM industry, you have an abundance of resources at your fingertips. You have the ability to learn from these top MLM leaders online, follow them on the blogs, learn how they do things, learn how they market.

The good news is, most MLM leaders are out in the open, they will share with you what they’re doing, what is working to create an income and which techniques are great for driving traffic and driving leads.

Think of your MLM business as a craft, an art. Just like a musician would surround himself with other masters, you too, surround yourself with masters in your industry online.

These MLM leaders will give you inspiration, hope and training.

What you will find is that you will literally begin to become your mentors. What the internet allows you to do, is virtually have a mentor even though you may not be able to train with them physically or one-on-one.

By following their teachings, their philosophies and their life, your brain literally begins to think like them. Your body begins to act like them. Your actions begin to align with the actions that they take.

Like I said in the quote before, “You become the top 5 people you hang around”. Imagine the top 5 people you ‘hung’ around were your top 5 favorite MLM leaders on the internet… before you even know it you will be doing what their doing, acting like their acting and earning like their earning.

Here is a list of some top MLM leaders on the internet (this is in no particular order but is a list of some of my favorites online.)

Dani Johnson –

Incredible wealth training, financial training and mindset training to help any business.

Jonathan Budd –

Interesting mindset philosophies as well as specific Facebook training as a way of lead generation.

Dave Wood –

Very influential, a master recruiter and salesperson in the internet niche. Can move large masses of people to take action.

There a many, many more MLM Leaders that would and should be mentioned here but these 3 in particular have had the ability to create multi-million dollar business on the internet.


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MLM Leaders

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MLM Leaders

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