Melaleuca Business Review

The Wellness Company – A Melaleuca Business Review

The Melaleuca business model not only offer representatives an opportunity to earn money with an industry leader by using household products and referring them to others, but the Melaleuca business also provides an opportunity for those who use the company’s products to play their part in working to create a safer home and a better environment.  The Melaleuca business has been led for the past 25 years by their CEO Frank Vandersloot.

Melaleuca Business

Mr. Vandersloot’s mission statement is simply “to enhance the lives” of the distributors that helped bring this company just shy of $1 billion dollars in annual revenue last year.  The Melaleuca business offers products ranging from personal health and wellness, dietary supplements, and even to safer environmental-friendly household cleaning products.

What Is The Best Way to Earn a Profit Each Month With My Melaleuca Business?

Many distributors have asked this question for a while and I’d like to offer just a few suggestions that you’ll want if you’d like to be a top producer.

1) Stay connected and get trained on your company.  It is important to attend meetings and conference calls with your team in order to learn more about the products that you are using yourself and selling to others.  By having access to this knowledge or the resources, you will brand yourself as a leader to others.

2) Be a leader ‘Online’ and ‘Off’.  Being a leader offline requires staying involved with your company leadership.  Being a leader online requires learning tried and true marketing techniques of the industry top producers.  By being a leader online, you’ll be able to attract other leaders to you and your business.

3) Be patient and persistent.  Building a business takes time and effort, but if you persevere then you will get what you are setting out to achieve.  And, even if you never reach your overall goal, you’ll be proud of yourself for trying and will have no regrets.  Like anything in life, learning the mindset to become a valuable leader does not come without work and diligence.

That is it for now my friends! Enjoy, and I will talk with you soon.

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Melaleuca Business

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Melaleuca Business


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