IWowwe – An Expert Review

In this IWowwe review, my goal is to provide for you a complete overview of the company, it’s mission, it’s products and how the IWowwe opportunity is truly unique.

IWowwe was founded in 2007 by Bill Starkey with a vision to truly change the way the modern world communicates. In fact, before the launch of the IWowwe affiliate program (in early 2011),  IWowwe had already generated 20,000+ satisfied customers worldwide.

Seeing the success of the products and the rapid growth of the company, Bill saw yet another opportunity to expand the company and provide an opportunity that everyone could participate in worldwide.

With healthy profit margins, a unique product and millions of dollars granted by top investors, IWowwe has an opportunity for individuals all around the globe to get into business with little to no upfront investment and monetize off of rapidly growing, 500 billion dollar internet industry.


When evaluating a company, there are four key aspects that should be taken into consideration:

1.) Leadership

2.) Product/Service

3.) Compensation

4.) Support System/Training

“The IWowwe opportunity…the vision, the mission and a global movement.”


IWowwe’s founder, Bill Starkey, has a strong background in business as well as a successful track record in the direct selling industry. IWowwe is part of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The DSA is one of the most ethical associations in the direct selling industry.

In addition to Mr. Starkey’s strong leadership, the corporate team also consists of Director of Technical Development, Jake Stevenson (who created one of the most popular twitter applications for the windows mobile device) and the Director of IT Infrastructure, Richard Bateman, one of the original Microsoft trainers.


IWowwe markets a unique video email and video conferencing platform that is practical for personal business use, commercial use, or even home entertainment. Compared to IWowwe’s rivals GoToWebinar and Webex (over $100/month), the IWowwe system has additional features and is simply $19/month.

I personally use the IWowwe webinar service to train my team and also conduct meetings and trainings for my other online marketing businesses. I found that not only is it great for doing standard powerpoint webinars but it can be used for video conferencing as well.

The IWowwe video email tool is a powerful way to build rapport and also follow up with your clients on ‘auto-pilot’. People are 80% more likely to open up and watch a video email rather than a standard text based email. Whether you are marketing IWowwe full-time or part-time, the IWowwe video email and video conferencing service will help increase sales in any business you pursue.


The IWowwe compensation plan created by Steve Little (#70 in the world for MLM earnings) and Bill Starkey is one of the most lucrative compensation plans I have seen in the direct selling industry today. IWowwe allows you to get paid 5 ways including product sales, matching bonuses, matrix bonuses and even an infinity over-ride.

“Support System/Training”

In terms of training and support, there is no one better qualified to be the VP of Sales and Marketing than Mr. Steve Little. Steve Little has built teams of over 150,000 representatives and has produced thousands of success stories. I have had the honor of working with Steve Little directly.

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