Genasante Review - Company Profile And Overview

Genasante Review –

If you are reading this post, chances are you have been researching the company, Genasante or you are a current rep with the company.

Either way, this post will provide something for you.

In this Genasante review, I am going to cover the company’s background, its products and compensation plan.

I will close the Genasante review with some additional information to build your Genasante business or any network marketing business you so choose.

So What Is The Background of Genasante?

Genasante is the brand new network marketing division of Golden Moor, and often with a new company, a new mission – wellness.

Genasante promotes what they call the “7 Pillar Foundation to Health”- core nutrition products, natural “home spa” products, healthy foods, nutritional follow-up testing, healthy living education, income opportunity and giving. The testing assures the degree of potency referred to as the Heath Nutrient Status Assessment which guarantees their natural goods are beneficial, nutritious and vitamin enriched. Recent scientific research, backed from the Journal of yankee Medical Association since 2002, has linked many chronic diseases to your suboptimal vitamin absorption. Genasante believes in testing to make sure their products have the recommended strengths.

The business’s natural products include both internal, digestive supplements and external natural skin care for face and the entire body including mud spa treatments. Their digestible items are gluten-free in addition to sugar and artificial sweetener void.

Genasante Products

The business also promotes what they term, the “next generation of anti-aging products” in addition to MoorMax, a potent and natural merchandise that is different with their production. It’s produced by the flora near Ontario, Canada which produces an extract called humic acid. Fantastic has natural anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities. Their site states “it contains a fantastic number of plants, minerals, trace-elements and organic substances such as volatile oils, aminos, waxes, resins, phyto-hormones, vitamins, enzymes and natural antibiotics.”

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Compensation Plan

Which has a planned launch in 2010, Genasante’ is basing their company’s concentrate on health, nutrition, beauty and financial opportunity through natural products. Independent Business Owner (IBO) opportunities and training can be obtained.

Money making opportunities are in five categories- Fast Start Bonuses, Leadership (Sales force) Percentages, Generational Matching Bonuses, Global Leadership Profit Share and Incentives, and Retail Commissions with a 40% discount in product purchasing.

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  • Edith

    Companies and even pharmaceuticals had invasive production of health supplements which had become the hottest business trend over this days. I just don’t know if it’s been due to the fact that people were living unhealthy this days.
    Edith recently to get rid of stretch marks

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