[Audio] Setting Goals and How To Build A 6-Figure Business

Hey, I hadn’t released a blog audio in a while so I thought I would get one to you today.

This message is a message that I have been training my students on for years and it has led to the long-term success of my business.

Here’s the audio, take a listen here:


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Multi-Milionaire, Russ Whitney, Speaks on Viewing Your Challenges


. Are you struggling to make things work? Does it seem like there is opposition at every turn?

If it does then success is probably all that much closer to you!

In this video, multi-millionaire and Titanium speaker Russ Whitney talks about a new way of viewing your challenges.

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What Motivates Top Producers more than ANYTHING!

I got a lot of value out of this video…

Thought I would pass it on to you today.

If you are a top producer or plan to be one, there is ONE thing that most likely motivates you more than anything.

If you are wondering what motivates top producers that make huge amounts

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Top MLM Income Earners - Money Making Tips

Top MLM Income Earners

In this article I am going to talk about how you can become one of the top mlm income earners. If you have had a lot of failure in the past with your business ventures, don’t worry. Even if you fail a million times and succeed once, your still a

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MLM Top Earner - How They Do It

MLM Top Earner

In this article, I am going to teach you how you can become an mlm top earner. I will teach you several traffic strategies that you can implement to make more money in your own network marketing business.

My Primary business is the Empower Network system. I got started out with

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MLM Top Earners List - Money Making Tips

MLM Top Earners List

In this article, I am going to tell you about the MLM top earners list for the company Empower Network. I have been in this company for about a year now.

Currently, I am a top 100 earner on the empower network mlm top earners list. I started in October

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How To Find The Right MLM Business Lead

Are you tired of just flat out struggling in your business?

You want to succeed but you’ve tried just about everything… home meetings, cold calling, Craigslist ads, email marketing… you name it.

I know exactly how you feel because I was in the exact same place over 12 months ago.

It is not your fault.

You have just not been taught how to find (or attract) the right type of MLM business lead.

When I started off with my network marketing business I tried practically everything.

Coming online, I tried methods like Craigslist advertising, making blogs pitching my company, emailing lists of leads, even cold calling some but it all crumpled to dust when I learned this concept:

How To Find The Right Type Of MLM Business Lead

You see, I was doing it all wrong, I was constantly just pitching my deal and quite frankly just “leading with the deal”. When I would get an mlm business lead, I would start trying to “convince and convince” them that I had the best company and it led me to a few results but quite frankly was just an enormous headache in the long run.

…Fast forward 12 months later

I now generate upwards of 12-16 leads/day

I recruit 5-10 people into my programs on a weekly basis

I have never made an outbound “cold call” or recruiting call in the last 6 months

I now take the weekend off and 1-3 people will still join my company

And I am quite frankly, blown away.

So What Did I Do Differently To Find The Right Type Of MLM Business Lead?

I flipped the entire table upside down.

I started leading with value. Instead of pitching my company and even trying to “convince” people to join, I started to share what I knew all over the internet.

I started to learn more and more and then share this knowledge with different people using the internet as my platform.

Over time, the knowledge that I was learning started to become my own and I started developing my own knowledge and skills that were 100% unique to me.

What I quickly found is that it worked!

The Right MLM Business Lead Is A Lead That Trusts You.

I was then able to start recruiting pretty much on demand, even autopilot around the clock because my leads started to trust me.

Because I had first developed the skills and then started passing that knowledge on to them, I instantly became a leader that all of those leads wanted to work with.

So How Can We Attract The Right MLM Business Leads To YOU?

Do what I do.

I am often surprised so many times that people continue to struggle and struggle over and over again when the answer is right in front of them.

Find successful people and do what they do!

Dive into my training, take my 5 Day Bootcamp (I even show you how to do it step-by-step on the internet) and start to implement these strategies into your business.

The Best MLM Business Lead Is The Lead That Finds YOU.

Now, there are many ways to get leads; blogging, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. but if you focus on this one concept of “attracting” these leads to you, it will make your life 100 times easier.

Even if you do this on Craiglist, Facebook, YouTube (all of which are OUTSTANDING lead generation sources).

Focus on making yourself different.

Focus on being a prominent leader so that when the leads call you, they are very, very likely to partner up and join you in your business opportunity.

The key to attract a good MLM business lead, is to offer more than just a business opportunity.

Even your skills are a great, valuable asset that can set you apart from the millions of other network marketers and put you in the top 1% of distributors.

Focus on developing your skills, and expertise so when your leads call you or you talk to your leads, they know right away you are the real deal.

This can be achieved by investing yourself in education, reading people’s blogs, taking all the training you possibly can and jumping in with both feet into the industry.

This one foot in, one foot out thing is not going to work. A MLM business lead is going to know if you are not 100% passionate about the industry.

On the other hand, if you are 100% passionate about the industry, your leads will sense something extremely special about you.

You want your leads to say in their head… “WOW” when they get off the phone with you.

Enjoy my friends, and stay tune.

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MLM Business Lead

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MLM Business Lead

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Secrets to Increasing Productivity, Profits and Leadership

Every day, there are countless things begging for your time. And if you’re like most people, those distractions can all too easily draw you away from the truly important things in life. So how do you juggle it all – your family, your friends, your career, your business, and everything else that life throws your way?

With all the responsibilities of life and different things you are juggling, a clear game plan is a must.

Listen now and discover:

  • How to cross the “leadership bridge” to higher levels of success
  • Secrets of time management that will change every area of your life
  • How to make more money in less time
  • The biggest key to preventing burn out
  • How to live a well balanced life

Have friends, family or business associates who would enjoy this strategy call? Share it and get them involved! Re-post to your Facebook, Twitter (tweet and retweet!), Digg, or personal blog page now. Or announce this to your team by email. And don’t forget to send us your comments below too!!

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How To Find Good MLM Prospects

mlm prospectsYou know what’s funny? The best way to find good MLM Prospects is to find out what you DON’T want in an MLM prospect.

That way, you will be able to:

#1 Save A LOT of your time and

#2 Attract the right type of people to you

What are some characteristics to avoid in BAD MLM Prospects?

1.) Well, complaining is the number one thing I look for when sorting out the bad mlm prospects from the good. Anyone who is a complainer in this industry is destined to fail. In fact, they will fail. So if you are a complainer, either change your ways OR find another industry.

What to do if you get a complainer on the phone?

The best thing to do is keep your guard up from the beginning so you can tell right away if you are dealing with a good or bad mlm prospect. I am usually able to tell within 15 seconds if they are a legitimate prospect or not. If I here one “complaint”, I usually find a way to get off of the phone with them.

A good way to get off the phone with a bad prospect is to say… “_____ I actually have an appointment to catch but let me give you a quick link to right down so you can find all the information… ready? Great. Here it is ____”

This way you are able to save yourself a TON of time but also give out the information JUST in case you were wrong and they actually sign up.

(complainers usually do not sign up so it’s best to just get off the phone with them quick)

How do you distinguish complaining MLM prospects from prospects that have a legitimate question? 

This is very easy to do and I need you to write this down:

Complaining MLM Prospects will always voice an opinion

And It usually starts with the word “I”.

I just don’t really like…

I just can’t see…

I just don’t really…

I don’t know… it really looks like…

I have been researching these things years…

I have…

A question is usually a valid concern, not necessarily an opinion at all.

For example,

“Peter, how to you get paid?”

“Peter, how much can I earn if I really apply myself?”

“What’s the leadership like?”

“Do you have a strong marketing system?”

“Do you have ways to market online and also ofline?”

“Does the company allow internet marketing?”

Notice: questions are straight to the point, where complaining usually voices a statement or a phrase.

I do not want to work with complainers, nor do YOU. So if you get one on the phone, remember that little “appointment” you have to run for!


What are some traits to look for in GOOD MLM Prospects?

Good MLM Prospects are awesome

You know they are good when their talking and you say “Dam, this guy’s the shit.” I like this guy!

Here are some traits that make up good MLM Prospects:

1.)   Good attitude – There’s nothing better than just a solid, good attitude. If someone answers the phone with a nasty tone or is challenging you on something just get rid of them!

Remember you are building YOUR team! You can work with whoever you want and you DON’T have to work with everyone.

This business is about lifestyle. I’d rather work with a team of cool people I love, than a million complaining jerks that are challenging everything.

Remember that, you get to build your own team, so build it with awesome people!

2) Coach Ability – Coach Ability is so important because if you are not constantly learning and growing you are going to put yourself out of business (literally!)

Always be learning and willing to soak up all the information you need to become successful.

3) A burning desire – How bad do your MLM prospects actually want to succeed? You have to really WANT to succeed in order to make it happen.

It’s like trying to sell a weightless program to an anorexic person. That do not WANT to loose weight so will they do the program. Of course not!

The same goes true in our industry. If they do not really WANT/ NEED to make a lot of money then they won’t make a lot of money at all.

Dig my training?

Join me in MLSP. We got a ton of training, and on top of that, it’s a marketing system. It will teach you how to brand yourself as a leader online so that people will actually call YOU to join all day (rather than hunting them down).

—> Click Here To Get MyLeadSystemPro.

See you inside (call me when your in, I got a good fast start training to send you).

MLM Prospects

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MLM Prospects

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Network Marketing Solution – Increasing Your Focus

Network Marketing SolutionDo you know what I believe is the number 1 network marketing solution?


It is certainly not talent.

Although talent can help, the best network marketing solution is to just focus on a simple daily task that guarantees you a result.

Focus also includes consistency but you will only have consistency when you are able to focus first. One of the biggest stealers of dreams and income is allowing yourself to get distracted, especially on the internet.

How To Prevent Internet Distraction

Most internet distraction does not happen externally but it seems to just kind of “creep in there” when you are trying to work.

What do I mean by internet distraction?

Well you probably know exactly what I mean…

You sit down to begin working and you have a nice short list of goals that will absolutely help you raise your results and income.

You want to write 2 blogs, connect with 4 new people on Facebook over the phone and call back 2 of your new leads.

Now, to be honest, this really shouldn’t take that long. Maybe about 3 hours of work, which is a very productive day for a part timer.

But then internet distractionnnn creeps in…. you are writing that first blog and then you see a nice banner on Google…you click the ad, you are taken to a website, you start reading ALL their testimonials, 5 products pop out on you… “ohhhh” I wish I could have that!!” you say…you check out one of them… next thing you know you are watching a 2 hour sales video and training course on some traffic technique you don’t need at the moment and then… o no!!! Internet Distraction!

5 hours went by and you didn’t even finish that first blog.

I bet some of you can relate?

Network Marketing Solution – Realization Is Key

Now, the best network marketing solution is just realizing your destructive habits. It is possible to increase your focus and productivity TEN FOLD by just realizing that this pattern of behavior is very counter productive.

What do you ever get out of internet distraction?

Nothing more than a big headache, $250 drained from your credit card, and a wasted day of 5 hours.

If you are aware of this “enemy” you can most easily avoid it.

Critical Network Marketing Solution: Prioritize Your Tasks

One of the biggest network marketing solutions that helped me make a massive breakthrough this fall was prioritizing my tasks and scheduling my time so that internet distraction could not even exist.

Whether you are part-time or full-time, literally set your hours, just like you would do with a job.

After all, you are working for yourself, so you have to become very used to “keeping yourself” inline.

If you are part-time, dedicate a schedule every night when you are going to work.

When the time runs out, IT RUNS OUT. No if ands or buts.

If you begin to “kick yourself into line” your body will finally realize…well dam haha, I better get myself in line because if I don’t get done the required tasks for my business between 7 P.M – 9 P.M (just a hypothetical example), nothings getting done!

In this example, at 9:00 P.M you’re done! If you didn’t get the things done you needed to do… you SCREWED UP!

The next day you will learn from your lessons and become even more productive and focused the next go around.

Network Marketing Solution – Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

When you are going to schedule your time for work, remember, your time is limited so you physically don’t have time for distractions.

Pick the top 2-3 activities that will produce the HIGHEST amount of income and results for you.

These activities are usually:

  1. Talking to people about your business
  2. Driving Traffic
  3. Converting Leads/ Closing Sales

If you are part-time (or full-time) the number 1 highest producing activity and network marketing solution is talking to people about your business, product or benefit you are offering.

If you are not at the point where you are generating a lot of your own leads yet, you must be reaching out to new people everyday. Start with 5-7 new people a day and as you become more comfortable, you can begin reaching out to more and more.

As you learn the skills of lead generating, you will get more and more people calling you, so it does get a lot easier.


If you skip network marketing solution step one (of reaching out to people), understand that you will not earn a dime of income until probably about 7-8 months in. (that is how long is takes to really build a large internet presence and get 2-4 people calling you daily to join.)

The key is to make talking to people your #1 priority and then build your lead flow at the same time.

Eventually, you will be generating so many of your own leads that you can just sit back and have the calls come in.

But again, I want to be very clear, this type of brand takes some time to build so if you want to earn a profit you must do the tasks you NEED to do in order to do what you WANT TO DO, when you want to do them.

Network Marketing Solution 1: Avoid/ Be Aware Of Internet Distraction

Network Marketing Solution 2: Prioritize Your Work and Activities

Network Marketing Solution 3: Stick To The Top 2-3 Activities That Produce The Most Direct Results

(Don’t try to pretend you’re a guru before you have even recruited a single person. Go talk to the people, get the results and then promote that success to the internet).

Then you will be in a position to have people HUNTING YOU DOWN, to become a part of your business.

If you enjoyed this post, please comment and share if you want more content like this


Network Marketing Solution

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Network Marketing Solution

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