Ambit Energy Review – The Pros and Cons

If you are reading this Ambit Energy Review, you could not have found yourself at a better time in history. Deregulation is simply “The largest transference of wealth in U.S history”. The only question is, “What is the right company to take advantage of this great movement in the United States.”

What I want to provide in this article is a third party Ambit Energy Review. I will share with you my thoughts on the company, the opportunity and also my opinion on where the industry is going.

Ambit Energy Review – The Pros

Ambit Energy

Some of the things I like best about Ambit Energy is the “free energy” program. Recruiting 15 customers allows you to get your electric bill for free in most utilities. Another thing that is great is the guaranteed savings.

Since Ambit Energy recruits reps that then acquire customers, they need to retain the customers somehow. Ambit Energy uses two things for customer retention, the “free energy” program and also the guaranteed savings (usually 1%).

What I do want to stress in this Ambit Energy review is the leadership and reputation. Ambit has very strong leadership and is in fact, #1 on the INC 500 list for the fastest growing companies.

Ambit Energy Review – The Cons

There are two flaws that I see in the Ambit Energy model.

#1 is the price of entry.

#2 is the customer retention.

Up to this point, deregulated energy companies have been able to retain their customers with a rate and a relationship. However, as the markets become more competitive, companies need to satisfy the customers with more than just a 1% savings.

When I was reviewing the different energy opportunities, I became attracted to the company, North American Power. A few things I liked about the North American Power model is that they have a “No investment, No risk” model. They also pay very competitively.

When talking to different reps in the energy space, it is clear that it is a lot easier to build a faster customer base without charging the upfront, $300+ to join.

If you are looking deeper into the energy business, I would consider reviewing North American Power.

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That is it for now my friends! Enjoy, and I will talk with you soon.

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Ambit Energy

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Ambit Energy

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