Akea Review – Company Profile And Overview

Akea Review –

If you are reading this post, chances are you have been on Google, or Yahoo or any of the other search engines and you have been looking for a good, solid review for the company, Akea.

In this Akea review, I am going to cover a little bit about the company’s background, it’s goals, as well as compensation and enrollment options.

So What Is The Background of Akea?

Akea’s main products are supplements which contain nutrients located in the diets of communities all over the world who have the healthiest and longest-lived populations.

Akea Essentials (one of their main products) is a powder supplement that needs to be mixed with juice or water. Essentials contains a combination of industry, herbs, spices, grains, enzymes, probiotics, and fibers. It’s made out of 90% organic ingredients and is also without any gluten, soy, yeast, egg, preservatives, artificial flavoring, salt, starch, dairy and sweeteners.

Akea – Company Goals

Akea’s mission is “to possess a profound effect on your wellbeing and wellness by helping you easily incorporate the principles from the world’s healthiest people into your daily life.”

Enrollment Options

New Akea Consultants consider three starter packages beginning at $79.00. Each package includes marketing materials, business tools and a personal Akea website.

Comp Plan

Akea carries a binary pay plan. Akea Consultants can earn retail profit, team commissions, as well as bonuses. Commissions and bonuses are paid weekly.

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Should You Join Akea?

Overall, Akea does look like a good business opportunity. It has a strong comp plan, good healthy products and also a strong leadership team. Your success however, is not guaranteed just by the company and products alone.

Your success will be determined by your ability to recruit and enroll new reps and retail customers on a weekly basis.

My advice is to use Attraction Marketing. This way, you can get your leads calling you and build your business the smart way, online.

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