Network Marketing Recruiting-How To Set An Appointment 100% Of The Time

network marketing recruiting This is a training that I did for my personal NAP team that breaks down an effective approach and a script to recruit 9x’s more people into your business utilizing your warm market. Although I am a huge advocate for online recruiting and setting up systems to do so, your warm market is so easy to work with if you approach it the right way.

The main advantage of your warm market is that you can sponsor people immediately. An online system can generate 100’s of leads a day and eventually recruit literally 1000’s of people. But let’s be honest, it is going to take about 6-8 months to get to that level of success on the internet. The warm market lets you dive in and start earning money right away from day 1.

So what are we waiting for! Network Marketing Recruiting is simple if you have the right coaching and are given a step-by-step method. Many “gurus” these days will say things like “the warm market is dead” or you will hear the opposite…”only use the web” but why not use all of your available resources to create a massive MLM empire?

This approach has been proven virtually 100% effective in getting people from your warm market list to agree to take a look at your business. Let’s face it, the main reason why most people have not recruited a lot of people right off the bat is because they have either:

1.) Not approached their warm market (yet) or…

2.) They approached their warm market impulsively in the wrong way.

Don’t worry, even if you felt like you intruded into your warm market in the wrong way, there is a way to revive that. Just jump into it again the right way!

First, understand that your only goal in making a phone call to someone on your list is to set an appointment for them to see the opportunity. Your goal is not to ask them to join your business, not to sell them anything, not to explain all of the details of how it works, or any other purpose. Your only goal is to get them to look at your business. The system will take care of the rest.

1. (Intro) Hi __________ do you have a minute to talk? Great! I am calling because I need a huge favor and it WON’T cost you any money. Do you think you can help me out? I wanted you to know I started my own business. Have you heard already? (This gets them involved in the conversation).

2. (Reason why) Let me tell you why I started it; ______________________ (your personal reason why – examples are: want the freedom of working from home, put my kids through college, prepare for my retirement, retire early, etc.)

3. (The favor) Here is the reason I am calling. (Pause) I am asking for a personal favor. (Pause) It would really mean a lot to me if you would take a look at how my new business works and give me your honest opinion without any obligation.

4. (Reasons) Here is why I am asking you for the favor:

(1) First, I believe in my heart that everyone deserves extra income on the side of what they do. I also think we can make some money together by introducing it here in our local market. If it were possible for us to make some decent money, would that be okay with you?

(2) If you aren’t interested in working with me, its okay, but I am most likely going to continue with the business unless you see something truly wrong with it. I am going to ask you to support me from time to time by referring people to me. To do that effectively you need to know what I am doing and more importantly, I wouldn’t ask you to endorse something that you weren’t comfortable with, does that make sense?(3) The third reason and maybe most important if you decide you are NOT interested, and don’t even want to refer anyone. I won’t be upset with you and I promise not to bring it up again. However, I know that I won’t be the only person who contacts you about this, and I don’t want to end up seeing you join as someone else’s partner because I failed to show it to you. No matter if you like the concept or not, I am just asking that you say “YES” or “NO” to me and not someone else.

5. (Favor again). So again as a personal favor to me, would you sit down, evaluate the business opportunity and give me some feedback?

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MLM Duplication, Viral Growth and The Simple Success Formula

mlm duplication MLM Duplication is the most important, yet easily overlooked aspect of the entire home-based business industry. I so often see people, including myself at one point or another, recruit, recruit, recruit but then step back and realize that their entire business is nothing other than one giant front line doing absolutely nothing! If this is you, don’t worry…we are going to cover the 4 golden rules of MLM duplication and set a system in place to create massive duplication in your entire team.

When creating massive MLM Duplication, it is important to get your head right. Although you might be a successful MLM leader and a recruiting “guru,” 90% of your team will be NEW PEOPLE that are NEW to the home-based business industry. Keeping that in mind, it is vital that when you set up a system to duplicate, it is geared 100% towards the new recruit. Everyone must be able to do it, no matter how young, how old, or what experience level.

Ask yourself…”If I could have the perfect business, what would I want EVERY SINGLE person to do and duplicate in my team?”

We all wish that we could have every single person on our team recruiting 5 new reps a week and building extremely fast, exponentially. But what is truly possible? Most importantly what is realistic?

To put a duplication system into place you first need to plan:

“What result/goal do you want to achieve in your entire team?”

On my personal team, we have two realistic commitments, depending on whether you are part-time or full-time in the business.

If you are part-time, you should recruit one new distributor into your business each week and for full-timers that number increases to 4+ per week. Since most people in network marketing ALWAYS start off part-time, to have the most successful model to duplicate, gear it towards the simple 1 recruit/week.

So the goal, is to get EVERYONE to commit to one new recruit per week. In order to do this, we must have an exact, step-by-step system in place that every single person on your team can plug into, commit to and learn the exact things they need to do to recruit 1 new person each week.

The system…

1.) It has to be easy

2.) Everyone has to be able to do it…5 levels deep, 10 levels deep, 200 levels deep. Beginners need to be able to do it, as well as seasoned experts.

3.) It can not take some kind of specialized skill (ei. internet marketing, lead generating, cold calling)

4.) The only way to do this is to have a “personality independent system” that you can plug ALL OF YOUR TEAM INTO, no matter how many levels down your organization goes. The culture needs to be so strong in your team towards this “system” that it is the first thing that everyone plugs their new recruits into the second they join.

So what exactly is this “system?”

What I have created for my team, is a series of 3 “Fast Start” videos. Whenever someone joins my organization, no matter how many levels deep, there is a strong culture and commitment to the “Fast Start System” and plugging new people into the Fast Start Videos, which are online.

The Fast Start System most importantly, does all of the duplicating for you once it is set up properly.

You Sponsor A New Rep—->Send Them To The Third Party Fast Start That Works    —–>Help Them Commit To The Game Plan—–>Sponsor More New Reps

When creating a fast start system it should…welcome the new recruit to the team and the company, give them proper product training and then lay out a basic blueprint to recruit 1 new person each week.

At the end of the third video in the “Fast Start Series”, recruits are told to print out the “Fast Start Check-List” and get back together with their sponsor to set up their first business presentation with their potential warm market prospects (List of 50 people).

These business presentations should carry the new recruit through many weeks, recruiting one new person each week, and can be in the form of a company video, team webinar, company webinar, 3-way phone call to their sponsor, live meeting, home reception etc.

Hope this helped! A lot more will be coming up soon on this topic, as well as audio and video trainings on how to set up an effective “Fast Start System”.

To Your Prosperity,

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