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If you’ve fallen into one of the “mental traps” about money that could be sabotaging you from boosting your income, then this could be one of the most important blog posts you’ll read in your quest to be creating wealth online…

That’s because most people make the mistake of assuming that money moves from one person to another because of the following:

How hard you work…

How much of a “good person” you are…

How many credentials you have…

Not completely true!!

Society will always say “work hard, get a university degree and work a 9-5 job…”

And you grind it up for 20 years to have a big fat pension and


And, that doesn’t always work out the way that you expect.

If you truly want to get wealthy –

You need to start changing the way you think….

Because your results right now are the results of your best thinking.

When I share this, it sometimes ruffles feathers, but I don’t care… I want you to get results.

Are These 5 Mental Money-Blocks Holding You Back?

Have you ever thought these thoughts?

“Money is evil.”

“Money will attract problems.”

“Money will make me a selfish person.”

“Wanting more money is greedy.”

“Rich people are snobs.”

If you have one or more of those limiting beliefs within you, do you really think you’ll make a lot of money?

In truth, you’ll end up having very little money.


Because your mind-set (“Money is bad”) will talk you out of working hard and earning the money that you need.

Let’s start shifting these thoughts from your head so you can get more money flowing into your life….

1. “Making money is too hard.”

No – the world is full of money to give to the value creators.

It’s easy, once you have a high converting system like MOBE and predictable sources of ongoing prospects banging your website down begging to give you money!

I’ll hook you up with my traffic sources and you’ll be able to get done for you traffic…

2. “Fear of Success – I’m not sure how to behave around my friends once I become successful.”

I have not “acted differently” around my friends or family ever since I started earning more money. This is a strange lie and is not true at all.

3. “Fear of Failure – I’ll look dumb and stupid again if I fail again.”

I get it, I was the same too, my friends and people I knew would always doubt what I was trying to do….

Remember – you are still the winner for trying, don’t beat yourself down.

4. “I’m Alone – no one understands me.”

Nope, there are thousands of other entrepreneurs online just like you who are similar minded and aspiring to make a good income from home.

It is best to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs over the phone, Skype, Facebook, forums etc.

5. I Feel Lost – well, that’s true if you don’t have 1:1 support.

Most people get stuck, frsutrated and overwhelmed with trying to do too much.

I always do my best to provide all of my students and team members with the 1:1 support they need.

Hope these tips help!

I need to get working on some new Insider Stuff that will help people go from scratch and make them $10k
in less than 30 days…

Stay tuned, this is going to be YOUR BIG MONTH.

– Peter Day


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My answer is usually the same.

Hard work and being consistent.

There is really no shortcut!

Here are some recent commissions that I have gotten in my primary business MTTB:

Here are some tips you can implement to

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The Best Home Based Business [Video]

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So, to clear up my opinion on the best one, watch this video I made for you.

I gave three things in this video that will help you earn more money

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Multi-Milionaire, Russ Whitney, Speaks on Viewing Your Challenges


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If it does then success is probably all that much closer to you!

In this video, multi-millionaire and Titanium speaker Russ Whitney talks about a new way of viewing your challenges.

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A little extra work and a solid business model.

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How To Create An Online Business [Over $11,000 Per Month]

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While I was thinking about this accomplishment, I wanted to share some tips in this blog post to help others do this as well.


Here’s how I did it:

The reality is,

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Outsourcing 101 Highlights

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I have used these strategies as well.

The specific topics he addressed:

The 2 things you should be focusing on in your business…

What should you hire for first?

An actual hiring

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The Formula For Marketing Success

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The outdated formula goes as follows:

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