Simple Trick To Increase Your Lead Conversions

In this blog post, I want to cover a tip that you can do to increase your conversions.

When it comes to internet marketing online, even the slightest increase from a 30% to a 40% rate of leads opting into your page can make a huge difference.

This is an example that is taken from one of my coaching students.

This is their page (I wanted to use this page because this little tweak on this page could increase leads up to 5%).

Let’s take a look at their current page:

First of all, this page is beautiful.

The design is awesome and the ad copy is really good.

I like how it uses a realistic number “How to earn $261” dollars per day. That’s realistic and anyone who has a good program and works hard should be able to get that.

What I recommend for this page is to use an Email only opt-in.

What that means is if you removed the “Name” field, they would only have to put in their email address. This should increase conversions because the person would not have to fill out two fields.

It’s worth a split test on this one to try both versions and see if one versus the other gets more leads.

Overall though, great work!

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